Breakfast is my favourite food

marsmannetje replied to your post “[[MOR]tomorrow I am having an Easter brunch and I LOVE breakfast…”

Aahh ik voel je, hell yeah breakfast food ;D

high5 woman

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Another set of faces, done with ink & watercolours

hey thanks a lot to the people reblogging my stuff, it means a lot and I’ve noticed that my things have been getting more notes lately :)

Ink doodles. I never use pen & ink but this paper handles it very well?

I think I want to change his mouth. Anyway that will be on May the 5th because London trip & spring break have arrived

Some people tag my stuff with such kind words, thank you all loads! Makes me happy haha

Today was good. I had one of those insane concentration moments and therefore no sense of time (aka it was 4pm all of a sudden and I only had one slice of bread for breakfast)

There’s something wrong with his face
Utrecht doodle
I decided to let Kamiel grow his hair (aka I changed his haircut because it looked too much like the super curly version of Arthur’s hair)
I also do pencil drawings if that’s more what you likeJUST MESSAGE ME!! 

animmaginaryworldisbetter asked: Hi! Actually, I wanted to tell you that I really love you art style and your art! Seriously, I hope you'll be able to become a successful artists in the future, your art is so beautiful and people should be able to get to know it, really good luck with your art and your studies!

Hey! Thank you so much, this is so kind of you to say, I don’t really know how to respond haha! (I also hope more people will see my stuff lol) Thanks again, and good luck to you too with your school & life! Cheers :)

Anonymous asked: Your style is amazing and so very inspiring, thank you for making art and keeping creating stuff. You should get tons of messages every single day.

Thank you so much that’s so kind of you to say :)
Thank you, making stuff is my pleasure!

icareaboutthesky asked: God you are such an inspiration

OH MY god this has been in my inbox for three days how did I not see this I never get messages