Breakfast is my favourite food

boredbyreality said: Hello, I come to tell you that I love your art. Especially your interpretation of book Holmes&Watson. It's brilliant!

Ahw thank you so much! I feel like such an ass though. I never draw them anymore. 


the light and sky towards the end of the day was so beautiful i wish it could be like that forever

did you follow her yet

Anonymous said: this is a really weird question maybe but how did you get into music? I'm starting to get into more indie music right now but don't really know where to start. do you have any tips for finding out about new bands?

Uhhh I always liked music, could be the fault of my parents because my mam’s a musician and my dad plays instruments too (but he has no sense of rhythm lol) … and at some point you just start discovering bands you like? HMMmmm.. finding out new bands.. ask what other people will recommend you? Click random stuff on Spotify/ YouTube that pops up next to stuff you know/ like? Ehhhh look at the line-up of festivals you like to go to… and check out the bands you’ve never heard of?

ps NOT a weird question at all!
pss Here is a list of bands I like A LOT! 

There’s a war going on in Israel about a month now, and sadly tumblr is quiet about it, so I can say the same thing.

I see lots of Gaza stuff, but it’s mostly about Palestina and the bad shit Israel’s doing…….. they also ignore the fact that people are starting anti-Jew demonstrations throughout Europe for no fucking reason. Like why the fcuk did no one learn anything from the past. Jews have nothing to do with any of this. Maybe some Jews. But also plenty of other sorts of people. BAD PEOPLE

Me drawing a hand, for that anon who wanted a tutorial for hands. I have no idea how I could make a tutorial on how I draw hands because I don’t take any obvious steps or something so I just decided to film ???/

My friend Rachel takes cool pictures check her out

She studies photography and we’re making a zine together this Summer!

Summer night, need to cool down

Half Moon Run (27th of October, 2013)


st-pam replied to your post “You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit…”


yes! i noticed you like them a lot, so i thought i’d give them a listen!! i added them like yesterday evening, and i haven’t gotten to listen to all of it yet, but i really like the songs i have heard, so thank you!! x

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I got tagged by Helena (thank you!!!), I am not going to tag anybody because I’ve done this before.

❝You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/iPhone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this onto 10 people.❞

  1. Swamp // Talking Heads
  2. The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance // Vampire Weekend
  3. Sal Paradise // The Crookes
  4. Dancing Shoes // Arctic Monkeys
  5. Little Faith // The National
  6. Quiet Crowd // Patrick Watson
  7. Home By Now // Bombay Bicycle Club
  8. Cheerio Chaps Cheerio Goodbye // Wild Beasts
  9. Late Night // Foals
  10. Diane Young // Vampire Weekend

Anonymous said: Could you make a tutorial on how to drag hands? :)

Sure, I could do something like a video maybe… 

Awkward hands

marrymerrymarymorstan said: What are your 3 favorite bands at the moment?(not of all time thats too stressful)

Half Moon Run, Lowlakes (both all time faves too), Wild Beasts

nexiey replied to your post:Are you a guy?
wait are you for real?