Breakfast is my favourite food

Anonymous said: Haha okay, but ARE you on vscocam? It's like Instagram but without likes and shit. Probably not though because you didn't know it

Yeah that’s what I meant with my reply actually, I have the app but I am not on the actual thing

I have no confidence in painting or in writing my final thesis for art history, I should start accepting that I am not a painter and not clever enough to write decent essays

Anonymous said: Do you have vscocam?

I have the app on my phone


Portrait with pencil


Portrait with pencil

Portrait with pencil

October 2014 // Munich, Vienna, Stuttgart

I saw LOTS of things (one day we did four museums that killed me). But what made me the happiest was seeing Egon Schiele’s work in real life! These are my favourite three photos, so I decided to put them in one post. It’s odd they feel kinda cold, considering we had warm weather. (20C and sun in October?!)

next-year-darlin said: Its getting close so you might have to eat your clarks



Pen again. Colours added in SAI.I have a problem with this drawing. And I’m not sure what it is

If this ever hits 100k I’m going to eat my Clarks


Pen again. Colours added in SAI.

I have a problem with this drawing. And I’m not sure what it is

If this ever hits 100k I’m going to eat my Clarks

5 Movie Recommendations

  • Tom à La Ferme (thriller + drama)
    Quiet and creepy, great cinematography and it really keeps you wondering what exactly’s going on….. I loved it but I might be biased because it’s by Xavier Dolan 

  • Rec. (horror + mystery)
    Seriously one of the best horror movies I’ve EVER watched. If you like The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later, etc., you’ll like this. It’s a “found footage” movie, like The Blair With Project and Cloverfield

  • Sunshine (thriller +sci-fi)
    Cillian Murphy, Chris Evans. Directed by Danny Boyle. It creeped me out because it kinda plays with the fear of the unknown.. + space.. The cinematography is also really good!

  • Into The White (war + drama)
    Rupert Grint, Lachlan Nieboer. Two British and three German pilots are trapped in a cabin together after both their planes broke down. Funny and sad, could barely understand Grint’s accent
  • Ghost World (comedy + drama)
    Scarlett Johansson, Steve Buscemi, need I say more. A light film compared to the others up here

I added the (for tumblr) interesting actors to lure you guys into watching these hahaha

Anonymous said: Your latest watercolour drawing "Face" actually reminds me of Adam Smith from Temples. I don't know if it was intended, but he reminds me of him a lot. I love the shadows a lot, very beautifully made (as always).

Really?? I know who that is and I didn’t intend to make the drawing look like him but now you say it I sort of see what you mean. I think it’s the nose? Thank you :)


I’ve put more prints for sale on Etsy

I’m back from my trip so there will be no delays anymore!

Behind me was a church but I liked the view more………….. Dat Friedrich Feel

Anonymous said: I'm thinking about getting one of your mountain drawings tattooed (either the green or purple one). Would you be objected to this in any way?

At least come off anon to ask this, so I have a bit of an idea of who you are! Lots of people have already tattooed it without asking my permission and whenever they contact me, at some point they stop replying. I give up, I can’t stop anyone. Go ahead, thanks for letting me know. (but I’d still like to know who you are so at least know who’s getting my drawing on their body)

On the road in Germany