Breakfast is my favourite food

Anonymous said: let's be friend?

I don’t know who you are 

Anonymous said: would u ever sell any printings of pictures to do with rain? i'm in love with rain and would really like one of your amazing pictures on my wall:) please get back to this message x

I was thinking about doing more rain-y stuff. I have a drawing queue’d up for tomorrow that includes something with rain but it isn’t very special though

Anonymous said: Hi would you sell anymore of the green print of someone on mountains? i missed out on buying it:( it’s still for sale!

Anonymous said: Will you be doing anymore watercolour prints for sale? I loved them x

Which ones do you mean? & Glad you like them!

Left // Psyche and Cupid by Antonio Canova (Louvre, Paris)Right // My friends… being either tired or unimpressed (April 2013)
I don’t want to give it away but I also don’t want people to not see it
Oh Gabe…. I just really felt like drawing this dumb thing after my friend tried on bootcut jeans (which apparently do exist for men??? and it looks hilarious) at the H&M because of this scene in The Office

florvw said: Hey so I just discovered your blog and I'm in love honestly! You're so talented!

Thank you so much! Glad to hear that!

Anonymous said: raccoon is like your spiritual animal haha

Yeah I guess so. My best friend says I’m one because I always eat her leftovers and I look like it

I dreamt that there was a raccoon sitting on my head, but my friend always says that I am a raccoon. what does this mean

My (late) birthday gift for Naomi ;d

Anonymous said: But do you find no problem switching scales?

"also, how big are your comic-style illustrations roughly? thank you very much!!"

I did. I draw on A5 and A4 sized paper the most. But when I started painting my teachers recommended me to paint on a bigger scale. I had to get used to that but it wasn’t that hard, the more you do it the less of a bother it becomes! 

Anonymous said: PAM HELP i want to start drawing comics style illustrations but i'm having a hard time shifting to smaller scale. you see i've always been used to drawing life sized portraits

Why not draw illustrations life-sized? You don’t necessarily have to draw smaller! Also, switching from scale always takes some time getting used to and, most importantly, practice!

Anonymous said: ik denk dat ik stiekem toch een beetje verliefd ben geworden op de persoon die ik van jou heb gecreeerd in mijn hoofd. Het is nooit zo fijn om de realiteit niet meer te kunnen zien. Ik denk dat het gewoon ligt aan het feit dat ik tegen je opkijk

Wauw, ik weet niet zo goed wat ik moet zeggen. Behalve dat ik vereerd ben en een :))))))) hoofd trok toen ik dit las

I drew this last week to watercolour it, but I don’t like it.. but I think I can fix what I dislike about it with copic marker