Breakfast is my favourite food

I’ve become one of those creeps who uses ;) unironically

Sketch, I wanna work this out
You can win this drawing (the original, not a print) in my give away

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lem0nzblog said: I really love your art and wanted to know who or what inspires you?

My surroundings, my thoughts, good-looking people, music (Half Moon Run, Lowlakes, Bombay Bicycle Club and others, but most of the times indirectly)

Ehhhh there are lots of artist I admire but they don’t always inspire me. Here’s my “inspiration” blog:

I hope this is a helpful answer!

0103x said: your artwork is amazing :) you're very talented

Thank you very much! :) 

Anonymous said: your art is amazing, it makes me smile in a sad but really pleasent way. kind of like when you sit at the beach and the sun goes down, and youre sad because its going to be gone soon but its still so so beautiful please keep doing what you love to do, and thank you for inspiring us!!

Wow…… what a nice description of what you associate my artwork with.. it’s very flattering, thank you!

I thought I wouldn’t make another one. But it just came to me. I made sure the colour of this one would go well with the other two! I think I like this one the most because the figure is more masculine and it’s morphing together with the mountains more, compared to the other two.Pen, colours added in SAI

The fact that I’m receiving messages from people who are inspired by my work to pursue drawing makes me so HAPPY 

I started out drawing for myself, then I found a platform to show it to others, at some point I got an audience that likes what I do and that’s more than incredible, but that it also triggers some of them to make art themselves?!
That feels even better …… keep it up all!

Anonymous said: your drawings amazing and ispiring, love your artwork

Thank you, glad to hear that you like it!

Second one. In the last one I didn’t allow myself to draw eyes, the rules with this one were two persons but not two faces

next-year-darlin said: Hey i just wanted to say that you and your work have inspired me to push myself to draw more and i have... A lot lately and i have been given a lot of positivity on my work but i just wanted to say thank you and that i feel more confident drawing more like you. Well have a nice day :)

Wow really? Man, I didn’t know I could have such a positive influence on someone else. I’m happy that you’ve been able to do all this, keep it up!!!
I hope you’ll have a great day and thanks for telling me this!

I saw a dude with amazing curly hair in Amsterdam but whenever I try drawing it it doesn’t look alike
This is from October 2013…….. I should do something like this again